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    So I've had an interest in photography for a while and I've been trying to research dslr cameras. I would like the advice on others on this subject as well. Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent one? It doesn't have to be like the top of the line $10,000 (very exaggerated number) camera. Just a good starting one. Maybe a good model for Nikon or Canon?

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    Any modern DSLR from Canon or Nikon would be more than enough to get you started. They all do the same basic things.

    So the difference between different models might come down to ergonomics and controls. The cheaper models tend to be smaller and lighter, being made with more plastic...while the more expensive models are usually larger and built tougher.

    Also, the smaller cameras have fewer external controls while the larger ones have more. Having more external controls can allow a photographer to adjust their settings more quickly, often without having to lower the camera and look at the screen. This can be an advantage to some people, like sport photographers or photo journalists etc.

    So my suggestion would be to go into a camera store and hold a few different models in your hands. Get a sense for how they feel.

    I might even suggest looking for used cameras in your local classifieds, especially if you decide that you like the larger, more expensive models better.

    A more important decision is probably what lens (or lenses) to get with your camera.
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