1. M

    I’m very stuck and need help!

    I’m looking to make an upgrade in my camera equipment but am overwhelmed by the choice. I shoot surfing and wave landscapes. I need a camera with great battery life and very durable alongside being a good hybrid for video but mainly photos. Looking at the canon 1dxiii/ii, but really want a...
  2. Flavio

    Benro GoPlus with Vanguard Alta BH-250

    Hello, I need a good tripod to do mostly nature and outdoor macro photography. After some research, I'm thinking of getting the Benro GoPlus (aluminium) legs and the Vanguard Alta BH-250 ball head to go with it. Does anyone know if this two are compatible? Anyone has any experience with this...
  3. NGH

    Photoshop tutorials and training videos

    My wife bought be a year's subscription to Photoshop for Christmas and so just seeing if anyone has some recommendations for a good series of You Tube videos to get me into shape. I've been using LR (6) for a while and have used other photo/graphics systems before so I am not completely...
  4. Barb King

    Need advice on home studio equipment

    Hi all, I would love advice from you all on what to buy for a home portrait studio. I do have some money to spend, but what I don't have is a good natural light source or a lot of space. (I'm in a small, dark, one bedroom apartment.) I have a pro camera set up and have had decent success...
  5. W

    How to start a travel / landscape career?

    Hi everyone, I'm Wayne and I'm new here. I'm from Canada, now living in Hong Kong. I just signed up here and I come to you all because I've put off for too many years something I've always wanted to do, not just a career but the dream. I want to be a travel / landscape photographer and I'm not...
  6. A

    I'm looking to upgrade

    Hello, so for the last probably two years I've been using a pretty good cannon camera the SX40 Power Shot to take all of my photos (that's a lie I use my phone too) but I can't swap lenses on it and I'm kind of just growing out of it. My question to you is what is the best intermediate camera...
  7. R

    B&W film completely clear

    Hi all, I've been developing for a couple of years (not too often) and last time I did, the film turned out completely clear. Here is all the info: Film: Kodak TMax 100 exposed at 100ISO Development: 1+25 Rodinal, 20C, 6:30 minutes, with agitation each minute. I've had this bottle since...
  8. alex_ethridge

    What computer should I get??

    Good morning from Southern Alabama! I have been editing my photos on a MAC book air for about a year now and have been pleased with quality, processing, and storage...but I still prefer a windows computer. I have been doing some heavy research on the Surface Pro (latest version) and cannot...
  9. O

    The Fishing Line

    Hi all, Wondering if I could get some feedback on these two shots. Minor differences, both are SOOC. Would appreciate any advice on cropping or tweaking. I can't decide if I like the straighter one or the crisper kingfisher one myself manual lens and Canon d30 Thanks in advance
  10. Farouk Qosay

    Question about wide-angle lenses!

    Hello everyone, I've had a question in my head for a while and I always try to research it, but I don't seem to quite understand the answers given to me. Are wide-angle lenses compatible with the Canon EOS 70D (Crop-frame sensor)? If the answer is ''yes'', what are the best wide-angle...
  11. Farouk Qosay

    I need an advice!

    Hello everyone, I have a Canon EOS 70D and I thought that I might need to start working on becoming a freelance photographer. I would like to know if Canon 70D is good to work with while being a freelance photographer, I haven't really chosen which category I'm gonna be specialized in, but...
  12. D

    The need for change

    Do you think that having certain tendencies as a photographer is a bad thing? Such as preferring certain angles, lighting, or crop? Or is this simply part of someone's "style"? Personally, I find myself feeling discouraged when I notice that some of my photos are essentially the same...
  13. S

    Complete newbie to photography advice please!

    I'm completely new to photography I always wanted to get in to it and learn and participate as a hobby/and develop a new skill but I'm at a loss on how to go about learning I usually read a lot and participate in forums like I am now. So I was wondering if any of you can recommend a good overall...
  14. alex_ethridge


    Hey everyone! Okay....I'm 25 yo and have been running a successful photography business for a year and 6 mo now. I'm located in south Alabama, so Hey Y'all!! Ha! I have really dove off into newborn sessions, specifically, as they are my favorite. There's a couple things I would like you...
  15. RecorDingPing

    Is This one enough?

    Hi , I usually take photos with my iPhone or occasionally with a point and shoot ( which i almost abandoned because it has similar image quality to my iphone). However, to continue with my photography studies I feel like the iphone´s manual it's not enough anymore. I´m searching for a camera...
  16. W

    Amateur seeks upgrade help or advice!

    Hello photo forum ! First time posting. From what I've read I am confident you all will be able to help me find exactly what I'm looking for. I would definitely not consider myself a professional photographer or cinematographer by any means, however I do enjoy capturing and documenting the...
  17. A

    How can I show to the internet brides I’ve taken photos of?

    I’m an aspiring traveling photographer for just about anything. I’ve had experience in wedding, travel, and nature photography under the wing of my mentor and boss that I won’t disclose here. I’ve been under him for about 5 years now and I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready to spread my...
  18. xenox097

    Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 ART or Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART

    Hello guys, I have an Nikon D7200. Which lens would You prefer? Street photography, portraits and landscapes are my main environments.
  19. D


    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking for tips for a new camera to invest in! I'm going to be totally honest with you and i'm new to this photography thing, but i'm a dedicated learner so i'm NOT looking for a beginners equipment. So my budget will be around 1100 USD but hopefully we'll find...
  20. Fujidave

    Godox TT350F Help/Advice

    So my Godox TT350F flash just arrived, I have wanted to get in to trying to use a flash on camera so decided to buy the little 350f. Now it`s here, how do I use it ? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I have never used a flash like this before, it will be used on both my X-T20 and X-T2.