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Aug 10, 2005
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Doesn't ANYONE have anything to talk about?


I'm gonna have to break work rules and look in the galleries soon.

You people could get me fired for not posting here.
Then...you post something...and others will follow. You must learn the art of moving a conversation along. :p
I just posted something. I'm waiting you people to react.

That way I can react to your reaction. Like a re-reaction or something.
Um...mine's fast, I don't think it can compete with either of your cars. However...it is pretty!
Um, The RUF CTR2 Is possibly in the top 5 fastest street legal cars period. And none of your cars are in the top 5.

So I win. It also looks beautiful, although I would rather a nice platinum colour with some blue and black interior.
so...you didn't answer my other question...I'm waiting!
A little to the left.
try 1,185 km per hour and 2 30mm cannons
Traci said:
So you're right handed, eh?

No, I use me left hand, it makes it feel like it's someone else.
:biglaugh: ...never thought about that before...interesting!:sexywink:

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