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Aug 31, 2014
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Hello and Happy New Year all,

I went through the previous threads on choosing a laptop and didn't find (so far) my answer. Pardon me for posting on this again if it is out there (answered) and please guide me.

I am looking to buy a laptop for my work mainly and my study. I am in digital management and do: - -- lots of social media posting, including saving and editing lots of photos,
- opening many pages same time,
- MS office,
- sometime adobe creative (PS/Illustrator) but rarely trying to do more of this,
- video editing is my hobby and will be part of my work soon lightly, meaning not very long pieces. As a hobby I might be creating my short documentary piece in the near future using adobe premiere (learning stuff).

I am looking for good graphics but not sure if I need a high performance one that I will pay for and not need. I am not a graphic designer. I rarely do actual designs/things from scratch in adobe. I tend to use online software like canva for that or assign to our graphic designer.

I am also looking for good memory and performance over all.
A touch screen as it is much easier for my hands (joints) doing my work.
14" is ideal but a bit flexible.
I wish I am a mac person, choice would have been easy, but I am not. Cannot do the switch, thought it over. Too much used to windows.

Here is what I was seriously considering until I read about its integrated graphics card Intel 5500 and that it is not high performance: ThinkPad T450s Ultrabook Laptop | Lenovo  | Lenovo CA

Note that that price is for the featured configuration. Mine would have been more with addition of touch full HD screen, more memory and a couple other upgrades. My configuration would be around $1600. More than my budget which is $100-$1200. I could have stretched it for the perfect laptop abut bow not sure this one is.

Here is list:
i5-5200U (3MB Cache, up to 2.70GHz)
Intel HD Graphics 5500
Memory 4GB
HD 500 GB 7200rpm
There is option for Micro HDD 16 SSD I didn't understand
(for memory and HD I am not sure which upgrades are better for me I attached a snapshot of the options and prices and would REALLY appreciate help in explaining these to me). Are the options hybrid between HDD and SDS or something?)
Multitouch screen FHD 14"
Win10 (with option of Win 7)

Please help me in deciding about the graphics aspect, any insight is appreciated, major memory/HD specs, and about the laptop choice overall.

I apologize for the long post and thank you in advance for your time!
Best regards,


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