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Help finding a bag for Nikon D80 with 300mm lens attached?


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Nov 26, 2015
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Hello and forgive me for my ignorance if there is an equipment megathread somewhere here that I didn't see...

Like the little says, I'm looking for a basic camera bag that will fit a D80 with a 55-300mm lens attached.

I've done some looking around and all I'm finding are bigger bags that allow for multiple lenses and extra gear and whatnot, when what I'm looking for is a simple bag that literally only holds the camera with a lens attached.

Something like this but for a 300mm lens:


Does such a beast exist?
I had an ad for this bag right here on this site:
Jetty 7
This will hold the camera with a lens that is up to 7" long. A 55-300mm will easily fit in that bag, the new 300mm f/4 PF will fit, the old 300mm f/4 and probably any f/2.8 will not fit.

I also saw a yellow waterproof bag like this at a North Face store (in Ecuador) that would hold my camera with the 70-300mm VR (a 6" long lens when mounted on the camera).

I use a non-camera bag with a special padded insert (a micro-fiber towel, T-shirt and rain sleeve).

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