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Dec 30, 2006
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You can't just get quick and easy have to meter.

Just pick an aperture and shoot in Av...

Though, for any aperture worth using, you'll probably need a tripod or flash.

It's really hard to shoot at a real show because you can't use a tripod. Turn up the ISO a few stops if you can, and pick a relatively fast aperture...

Considering you're using a could probably get away with shooting wide open, cause the DOF is still big enough for a car.

Good luck.
The past 3 years I've been to NAIAS.. I had a P&S and i just set it in auto without a flash. Majority if the time they have the amount of lighting you need on a car.

This year I will be going to the Chicago Auto Show... This time I will be armed with my D40 so I dunno how that will turn out, hopefully good. I will also bring my P&S incase i get tired of lugging the D40 around.

Majority of the time in Detroit, With all the people.. I would never have a chance to actually get a photo with using custom settings.
Yea, Im in class right now so I dont have any access to any of the pictures I took last year. All of mine turned out pretty well for what they were. Some got a tad bit blurry. Heh.. and trust me, i know about crowds. When we go to NAIAS... and the Chicago show this year.. we go the first day its open. Like.. around the Ferrari/Lamborghini/Bently booth... its insane.
Ahh.. yea. looks like everyone is squeezed into smaller spaces than the cobo center.
Whats with the weird ladies standing next to them?
lol They look like they are security guards...board and tired
I would be tired too if I ad to recite the same speech about the car every 10 minutes. Even when no one is around, there they are talking away.

Parkerman, I think you will be happy about the Chicago show. I always went to NAIAS as Im originally from there, but began going to Chicago. McCormick is a much larger place, so the crowds dissipate fairly well. As for shooting with the D40, make sure you bring a lot of memory and only shoot in RAW! With all the different lights they had on each car I had to do a lot of WB tweaking. These are some EXIF's I was getting:
f7.1, 1/200, iso 400
f6.3, 1/160, iso 400

As you can see, with the iso at 400, I was getting good enough light to remove hand shake.

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