Help me choose a graduated ND filter kit.


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Oct 3, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi all, I'm big into landscape photography and have been struggling with properly exposed land, but blown out skies. I know a graduated ND filter will help me with this.

I'm looking for recommendations on a good graduated ND filter setup, preferably under $100 if possible.

Any suggestions? I want to make sure I get something good, not just grab something on a whim and find out later I could have gotten better.
"Good" and "$100" can't really be used together. "Good" means either Lee or Singh-Ray. In 'P' size gels, each filter will run you $100 - 150 depending on the "hardness" and degree of density. If you're willing to settle for "okay" or adequate, then you can look to Cokin (if you can find them, they seem to have gone out of business. Again) for $25-35 each depending on whether you get them new or used.
I don't see anything wrong with Cokin. Z series preferable, but for less than $100 maybe the P series.

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