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Dec 3, 2007
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Hello, My camera's Shutter will only open half way and i'm not sure what happened to it. Should i pitch the camera and get a new one or is there an affordable way to fix it

if it matter the camera is a Minolta X-700

Thank you in advance.
well i heard about those problems alot i have a pentax k1000 wich had the same problem, the mirror jammed some times, i think the best is to take it to a repair shop with some experience.

hope this help
Ask for a quote for a repair at a camera shop. At that point, you can make a decision if the repair costs are too high which means purchasing a new camera. I've never used them but I know someone who got a quote from these guys online:

.. an option if a local shop is difficult to find.

I'm not familiar with the camera but if it has an electronic shutter then perhaps a new battery would be a good thing to try. Full mechanical cameras sometimes just need a good CLA which might not cost much.
A focal plane shutter can not open only half way as far as I am aware. Since it has two curtains that scan across the image. Is this right or am I missing something?

The mirror not locking up is a good explanation.
it's Stops opening at half way My teacher thinks a spring might be busted. but thank you

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