Help! Need ideas for my project for class...


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Aug 24, 2007
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I know this is probably cheating and all, but I've been given two days to come up with three possible final project proposals for my 300-level photography class. So far I have one idea and it sucks, so let me throw some background out and see if people have any ideas.

One of my (personal) requirements is that it be shoot in documentary style, i.e. telling a story with pictures. I'd also like to practice my landscape composition, so working wide is a plus becuase I can get in some practice. The assignment has to consist of 20 edited images. I have the option to shoot in film or digital, color or b&w. I opted to shoot digital because the practice will be more applicable in the real world (I want to be a PJ in the long run). I can also print them in 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20.

I live in Portland, so I have access to all the wilderness I need and several other cool photography opportunities, I'm just having photographers block ;). I'm sure if I think about it long and hard I can come up with some mediocre ideas, I just wanted to know if anyone has any advice.

HELP! lol.
I should have named this thread "Photographers wanted for extremely lucrative position"
Or you could have titled it FREE MONEY... At least a mod would have been by to delete it...
Yeah, I would have felt it was more of a success if that would have happened. I need a drawing board to go back to.
I would run out of material really fast... we only have like one tree for every human on earth. I need something more all-encompassing.
Hmmm... A documentry with photos? Hmmm

How about the effect gas prices are to ones health..(I'm going on a limb here bare with me...) Photo people filling up their... (wait you live in Oregon)... Paying for their fuel as the gas attendant fills up their vehicle. Make sure you get facial expressions and reactions and the like.

Don't forget to photo the various gas prices..
I want to have some versatility. I was thinking about maybe covering deforestation, I just can't think of the best way to create 20 images about the subject.
Well there should be areas where there is a line between the forest and where they have clear cut one side will have pine trees that don't belong in the area and the other side will have native trees.
Deforestation.... in Oregon?! You have more trees than any of our
Deforestation.... in Oregon?! You have more trees than any of our

The tillamook (old growth) forest near the coast is being clearcut due to GW thinking it was a good economic idea. Plus, there are very obvious clear cuts just about everywhere around here. I'm not the type to say logging shouldn't happen, I just believe in sustainability.

Anyways, I've developed an idea. Does anyone have a suggestion for a website with a lot of nature photography galleries? I need to start getting ideas. My project is going to be tracing the route of water as a cycle, how much we take it for granted and how we, as crazy humans, effect it's journey. I'll be doing a lot of wide angle landscape shots, macro, etc., focusing on it's journey from the clouds, to the mountains to the coast.

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