Help needed with choosing a new compact camera


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May 11, 2014
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I want to buy a new compact camera. I am quite experienced in the use of compact cameras but not much more than that. Can you advise me which compact camera is the best fit for me?

My budget: 120-200 pounds
What I find important:
- Good image stabilizer
- Above average to great in making nightpictures (for this price segment)
- Some freedom in choosing things like exposure time and iso values
- Easy to use and high quality scene options
- Preferably Full hd filming
- Battery time at least a day
- Preferably no flash popping out of the the camera

Less important for me are:
- Zoom (5x is already enough, but more is always welcome of course)
- The number of mega pixels
- Wifi
- Touchscreen
- Photo editing on the camera itself

If you guys have any further questions, please ask!

I hope you guys can help me out. I greatly appreciate it!


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