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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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Not looking for CC on the image... But CC on my feeding style and pointers would be great! This is what happens when dad (me) decides to feed Rainy her cereal... BATH TIME!!!

Dads are just sooooooo cuuuuuuute. Methinks little Rainy doth not like her cereal, lol. Well, either that or dad has a reeeeally bad aim?
I dunno, try not holding a camera while feeding. It's hard to do the airplane and take pictures at the same time.

But seriously I have no idea what to tell you.

What, are you doing, shoveling coal into a forge??? Slow down dude!
lol... She now plays the "let's close our mouth when the spoon is just about to enter the mouth" game. Her second favorite game is the "let's grab a hand full of cereal from the spoon and hit ourselves in the head with it". She's such a joker! Ha ha ha... Funny one Rainy Jane... Funny.
"No idea what I am doing but having fun doing it!"

Seems oddly appropriate
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As a father of two young ones, all I can say is....

Yeah, looks about right. :thumbsup:
This is far better than a diaper change on a boy.
Keep shoveling, she'll eventually fill up.
Watch for backflow onto your lens.:thumbup:
lol here's a tip...instead of getting a new spoonful, just take a scoop off of her face and try feeding it to her again lol

Controlled disaster. :mrgreen:

Years ago (seems like forever ago), my middle daughter used to coyly play with us whenever she ate. We never knew what she would do next. One time she threw her bowl of pasta up against the wall I had just painted...:confused::lmao:

If this is the worst, you are having a great time. Good luck and enjoy, by "tomorrow" it will end as fast as it started.

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