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Jan 14, 2009
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I need a photo backpack to carry around all my stuff. My gear is listed in my sig. I need something that can haul a camera body, good amount of lenses, and all the accessories I would need (flash, cleaning kit, filters, etc). Can anyone recommend a good backpack? What do you all use?
One of the best and most comfortable bags I've found to fit that much gear would have to be the Lowepro Vertex series, it comes in a few sizes, but even the 100 (smallest) can hold a ton of gear! Check out your local shop, or lowepro's site
Camera bags should be seen in-person. Go into a well stocked camera store and see what they have. I had picked on out (on-line) only to see that it was much to small when I tested it out in the store.

I ended up with a Lowepro Computrekker AW. It has a laptop sleeve and I don't even have a laptop, but it was cheaper than the same bag without the sleeve. It's a decent bag and I've traveled all over the world with it but it's certainly not perfect. The AW (rain cover) is a great feature.

I have a few Lowpro bags and I really like them. There are, of course, other good brands, which is another reason to get a good first hand look at them in a store.
+1 to what Big Mike said!
Also don't forget to plan for expansion as well when getting a bag - sometimes a little extra paid now for an extra gap is well worth it a few months down the line when you get a new lens!
It can be a pain trying to find a good store with a display of bags on sale, but its well worth doing.
What Mike said makes sense, and I will go to the camera store when I buy one. I just wanted to have some good ones recommended so that I have a better idea when i go shopping for one :D

I'm definitely keeping the the size of the bag in mind. I want something that will accommodate what I have now and will continue to work for me should I get a few more lenses.
Make sure you bring your equipment with you to try it out in the bag.
You'll be able to see fit and weight that way.
One thing to consider is whether or not you want 'extra' storage and how much. One thing I like about my Computrekker is that it has a compartment in the front/lid of the bag that is big enough to hold stuff like a lunch, some water, a light jacket etc. Stuff that I might need when out walking around taking photos.

I know someone who has a NatureTrekker bag and I like the style of the backpack better (thinner and closer to the body) but I don't think it as as much 'extra' storage as mine.
- Lowepro

- Kata

- Crumpler

All great bag manufacturers
oh, also the national geographic has some new camera bags that are decent if you like that whole "going on a safari" look. But, they definitely arent padded as well as the Lowepro's, Kata's, etc.
I use a Chrome Bag. Doubles as a camera bag, and whatever else I need to shove in it. It can fit a Manfrotto tripod, several lenses, flashes, light stands, umbrellas, change of clothes and a laptop - with room to spare.
I've been looking at some of the Think Tank Streetwalker bags...does anyone have any experience with these?
ThinkTank makes great gear. I don't use ThinkTank but a photo journalist friend of mine swears by the modular belt system.
I've been looking at some of the Think Tank Streetwalker bags...does anyone have any experience with these?
Also a fantastic bag, what series are you looking at? Normal, Pro or Hard Drive ?
I was thinking about the hard drive or pro, but would like to try them out and see what would best accommodate my gear.

I've also been looking at the LowePro Vertex 300 AW, but I didnt really want to spend $250 for one...

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