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Mar 1, 2009
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Hi everyone! I have some more questions for you!

I have some stuff that I want to submit to a gallery, but I don't know where to start. What are the steps to getting a gallery show of your own or be a part of a multiple artist gallery night? What is the right way to submit your work to galleries?
Well, I have only the most basic experience with this. I'd suggest that you try to get into a multiple artist gallery show/night first. My experience with this so far has been as follows:

1. Put together a nice portfolio of your most rockin' photos. I mean a physical portfolio that you can take around to show people.
2. Find some local galleries that you would like to show in, and either call them up or walk in and say "Hi, I'm interested in showing my work in your gallery. Could you tell me who I could show my portfolio to?"
3. Do what they tell you. In more than one case, the person at the desk has immediately said either "sure, I'll take a look!" or "She's right back here, do you have your portfolio handy right now?" and they've looked through right then and there.
4. They will inevitably give you a bit of paper with their particular terms, requirements, etc.

From then on, it's a case-by-case basis.

Anyhow, the real point here is that you really have to take the initiative and go talk to people directly. Calling ahead is good, but I kind of like walking right in to the gallery. It makes you a real person (as opposed to the phone), and they may feel more happy to deal with you right then and there.
+1 on the theme...another option is to go to "Frame Shops" and ask them to let you exhibit there in thier frames. This can really generate sales and get your name out there.
I have found mostly it's who you know. Most of the gallery owners here in Lancaster, PA, are snotty and full of themselves. I have a hard time putting up with a-holes like that.
As for taking your book into galleries, I would do it on an off day, not when there is a showing or other event happening.

Biggest thing I recommend is to network, network, network.

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