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Jan 17, 2012
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I am into the field of photography, and I'm also into snowboarding, skateboarding, stuff like that. For Christmas, I got a GoPro Hero2 and for my photography class, I took a time-lapse of "A Day in the Life of: My Truck." I had to finish the product extremely quickly and didn't make too much changes. I just needed a good grade. I got a 98 on it, but I believe that it doesnt look as good as it should. I used iMovie, is there anything I can do to make it look better than it is? I know Final Cut Pro and those programs would help, but I can't spend $500 being a high-schooler.
Just so you know, I will probably make another video, maybe a time-lapse or just better videos. I haven't had much time to upload anything, so my project video is the only one up. If you could take some time to look at it and tell me what I should do next time, it'd be greatly appreciated.

(P.S. It may be extremely corny, and please watch it in 1080p, resolution is better)
Photography Class project - YouTube

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