Help.. what setting to use for black light (uv)


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Sep 19, 2010
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Hi I am pretty new to to this. i am going to take phots at a party comming up soon and they will have black lighting (the purple uv light- makes everything white glow)
can anyone tell me what settings i should use? i have a Pentax k200d

can anyone tell me what settings i should use? i have a Pentax k200d
My first camera was a Pentax, but that was back in the 70's. So was the black lighting. Does the k200d have a bong setting? :lol:

Black lighting (if I remember) is all about low key lighting. Flash would kill the ambience. So that leaves you with needing a low light lens, f/1.8 or better, and probably bumping your ISO so that you don't have a lot of motion blur / camera shake.

I'd love to see your results. Please share.
Yesss, I want to see as well!
i love blacklights. :)
RAW, and Photoshop. Those are the settings you must use.

The funny thing about blacklights is they look violet to us (not ultraviolet, who woulda thought :) ). There is a distinction between violet and purple. Purple is the closest approximation to violet made by mixing red and blue. However violet is a spectral frequency that can not be represented as a combination of red green and blue.

The end result is that if you photograph one of those violet blacklights, they actually come up on a camera as an oversaturated blue. So it's into photoshop to try and make them look violet again :)
thanks.... well i can only give it a go... ill let you know how it goes, thanks
trust me i think they are going to be pretty damm bad... wish me luck!

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