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HELP- which photo should I use


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Dec 5, 2010
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I am entering a contest and need help choosing which photo to enter. It will be judged by both pro photographers and the public so I would like your opinions as both. Thanks for your help!


Is there any particular theme to the contest? They're both pretty cool shots, but I guess I'm leaning towards the first--you've got the whole turtle in the frame and I like the interaction between it and the fish. I love the lighting and colors in the second, though.
Yeah...I'm no help. :D
Wow, I wish you had the whole turtle in #2 - I love the color and the reflection on the top of the water.

#1 seems a little flat to me - especially compared to #2. But otherwise a good picture.
Thanks for your input. The theme is reptiles. I have plenty of aggressive snake photos but I wanted to go with a cute sea turtle instead because I feel like people will be more likely to vote for that than something they are afraid of.

Robin- how would you edit the first one?

Since you guys are leaning towards the one with the whole turtle in it I do have another but it was not my one of my first choices. Maybe I was wrong though. Is this one any better?
The public will like #2 better. Since it's being partly judged by them, I would go with that.

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