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Oct 30, 2015
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Hi there,

I took this picture in black and white at the weekend. It has had no editing at all. The girls mother is looking to put this on a canvas and has asked if i can make the bubbles more noticeable and pop out more. I had a an attempt by lightening and darkening the bubbles to see how it looked. It looks ok but want to get opinions on how you would do it. I use gimp to edit. Thanks in advance.

I would be a lot more concerned with the missed focus and trying to alleviate that with some careful sharpening, but as for the bubbles, I would select each one, elevate to its own layer and work with it that way. I suspect a careful application of contrast & exposure enhancement will be your best bet as Gimp's tool suite isn't quite as powerful as Photoshop's.
Reshoot and get the child in focus and use a background that the bubbles will be more noticeable with.

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Color would probably help the bubbles stand out more.

If you're going to reshoot, I think you should focus on the child's eyes.
Add to the reshoot: A black background.
I took loads of shots of the child playing with bubbles. The mother however has picked this photo even though there are plenty more photos to pick from. A re-shoot is not an option so I need to try salvage this photo the best I can. She has said that if I can't do anything to fix it then not to worry. Just thought I'd see if anyone here could suggest something.

Cheers Peakapot

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