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Sep 23, 2010
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Danville, IL
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So I'm in need a remote switch for my Canon 50D, I would prefer wireless but would have no real problem with extending a chord if the price was right, I was looking into the RS60 E3 but then read that its not supported by the 50D, is there a Canon made remote that I can purchase? If not what are some good aftermarket choices?

Is the RC-6 compatible with the 50D it is not listed as being compatible under the list of cameras that are.
Wow thats a huge price jump, is this my only option?
Wow thats a huge price jump, is this my only option?
There's always eBay. I haven't had any trouble yet with any of the Chinese knockoffs of remotes and triggers I've bought for various cameras over the years, and you can't beat the prices.
And if they fail buy another and it's still cheaper than buying the canon or nikon accessories :)
Yup, I bought a cheap knock-off wireless trigger for $20 or something like that.

I'm sure that it's not 'as good' as the Canon model, but it works well enough. I also have a wired one that I got for $12 and it works fine too.
I have the Canon trigger for the 50D and it is very nice and the cord is a decent length. My only complaint about the Canon model is where it plugs into the camera the cord has a 90 degree plug and the plug faces toward the lens instead of to the rear of the camera. If that makes sense. But where I bought mine the only other one was $20 dollars cheaper but was the coil type and I didnt want that mess.

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