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Aug 10, 2010
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I bought a very large green background so I could use software to place the subject anywhere.
For the most part it works EXCEPT on the person's feet and hair. The light (from two umbrella mounted flashes, or ambient light) seems to bounce off the green background, and give the person green legs or sometimes hair.
To eliminate the hair issue, move the subject further away from the background. But what do you do with the feet? Subject cannot float above background...

Help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

You could select the green that is on the subject and change or remove it's color...but this is a common problem when shooting with a chromakey background.

My personal opinion would be to ditch the green background and just use black, white or grey. They won't introduce any color and as long as you don't let the subject blend into the background, it's still fairly easy to extract them and place them onto a different background.
im with mike here.
black or white is best and its not that much more work to remove the bg.

as a personal opinion, digital BGs are kinda eh, and many times it looks fake and poorly done. this is not an assessment of your ability to do this, as ive not seen your results, just my own thought. :D

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