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Jul 14, 2003
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This weekend I’m planning on visiting a river in Wales to take some shots of it. I’ve not taken pics of rivers before and was hoping someone might be able to give me some tips. Here’s a list of the general types of shots I want to achieve..

1 Panaramic shot of the whole river and banks with water still and also water foggy (long exposure) from a bridge and from riverside
2 close up of water running over rocks with splashes sharply frozen.
3 close picture of leaves /foliage with river blurry behind (very shallow DOV)
4 shot of riverbed through shallow water showing currents in water

my equipment is..
Olympus OM-1 manual camera 28mm wide angle, 100mm, 100-200 zoom lenses. I do have the standard 50mm lens but it’s slightly foggy. Tripod and shutter release cable. I’ll be using Fuji superia 200.

Any pointers?

Many thanks
As you may have seen in my river shots I have a combo of shade and sunshine. I found these elements difficult to shoot in to get even exposures.
I closed the aperture to let in less light and dropped the shutter speed. The ones displayed in the other forum are,
Shutter speed 1/5 sec.
No flash
If there is more I can help with just ask. I'll try and help where I can.
Hi Conk,

Thanks for your advice on the river shots. What a day I had! My mum, who lives in the area, drove me around and took to me to 4 different rivers, I took about 70 pics, not only on the rivers but also shot some gorgeous landscapes and some macro work as well on flowers with bees flying around them etc. I’ll be getting them developed tomorrow so will post some pics then. I didn’t get time to read you’re post before I went away but am re-assured by you saying you used F 11 and 1/5 ss for your “smoky” river shots as I used similar settings for mine! I just hope they turn out as good as yours! :D

Many Thanks


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