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Feb 18, 2009
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The Project:
For this project you will produce, and contextualize a single documentary image. This may utilize the codes and conventions of traditional documentary or decide to play with and subvert them.

The Image
A single digital photographic documentary image, documenting an incident, occasion, phenomenon, matter, issue, deed, feet, or act. About you or someone close to you.

If you are having some difficulty getting started; here are some starting questions/starting points:
You might begin by taking pictures (or looking at some) or consider issues that interest you and then looking for patterns and things that "pop" out at you - What draws you in? - Where is your interest?
What interests you?
What drew you to the idea?
What exactly am I trying to say?
Why this picture?
Why a photograph?
Why a digital image?
Be particular, specific and clear. Think of this like selecting an essay topic - the clearer you are with your thesis statement the better the text. You only have a single image to tell your story.
Once you have decided what you want to say/document - your image should articulate this, and your text should back up your research and build a context for your work.

Format: Image must be at a minimum of .jpeg size Medium (varies pending camera) at super smooth compression (M1) (this is 2816 x 1880

I was thinking of taking a picture of my aunt with her two kids running around... but I don't know... anyone have any ideas or pictures?
Sounds like this is more of a photojournalism thing than anything. Try waling around town with your camera and photograph things people are doing.

Here's an idea for you. Find a restaurant with outdoor dining and get a shot of someone being served. Should work out for ya.

Other than that, just be creative. Try to capture spontaneous things as they happen.
welcome to the community, I hope your involvement goes beyond your school project :)

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