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Jul 10, 2010
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Tough photo shoot with a 4 year old and an 11 month old. The 4 year old was a dream, but the baby was not happy! Mom wanted some sisters shots and I had a really hard time getting them. I will post some that I thought turned out well, but for now wanted to get your thoughts on some of these so-so ones. They are mostly SOOC with some cropping. Thanks for looking!

Also messed up and shot quite a few at ISO800. UGH! Practice, practice, practice right? :)

*okay flickr seems to have changed and now I can't photos to post...ideas? Fixed it :)

1. underexposed

2. mom's hand is in the pic. too distracting?


3.bad crop?

4. one of the few they both were looking but can't seem to crop to look right and get mom out of picture

5.techinically not a great photo, but definitely told the story of the shoot :) trash it? i kinda like it


7. again one where they are both looking, but not the best "pose"

I appreciate your feedback!
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When you went to the image did you click: all sizes, then choose the size you want, right click, copy image address, then past in between brackets?

I went to your Flickr page and looked at the shots...yes, the shot with the mother's arm in it--the arm is distracting. On that kind of age disparity, one tip is to have the older kid sit on her tush, legs apart, and then push the baby in between her legs, and that'll allow the older child to support and control the baby, with her arms around baby's waist...angle the kids 45 degrees toward the camera, and you'll be able to see big sister a bit as well. Shooting it from the front like you did and it's kind of a diaper-shot, and big sis is hard to see.

It's tough because the younger of those two sisters is simply not quite old enough to have good the poses need to account for that...and that's not always easy to do...the baby sister crawling and big sister crawling side by side is one you can have 1/2 of that in that shot on the footbridge where big sis is crawling and little sis is, apparently, getting ready to topple over backwards!

Have you ever considered just bagging these types of shoots, and just doing something easier, like herding cats or blowing bubbles under water?
anybody else have feedback? sorry to post so many. i am just not feeling good about this shoot and want to hear what suggestions you all have. thanks!
I dont like your first set. I find the little girl is all over the place, not paying attention, and it breaks the photograph. It makes things look unprofessional and hastily done.

The second set you posted is nice. You found a way to get an image (or maybe it was just pure luck?) where having the younger one not looking at the camera totally works.

9 and 10 are also nice. good colour and looks like a nice exposure and sharpness.

edit: I see that your blog is entitled snapshotsbybri? The word snapshot is not something I would like to be associated with. It sounds like something quick, not much thought put into it, just walking buy and snap, took an image.
The only one I like is 10. All the others are just normal pictures.

Kids are so hard to shoot.

I would suggest maybe for next time, if you are going to take outdoor pictures, to just let them play, get some props, bubbles, balls, something and just let mom entertain them and be natural.
I'm a newbie, but for what it's worth, here's my opinion:

I like 5 & 6... While 5 isn't the "best" photo ever, I think it still has some nice candid character.... I think 6 is pretty good.

My favorites are 8 & 10 :)

That is all :) Not that is the only picture I like, that is all i had to comment on though. :)
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