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    Hey guys, well im on the hunt for a decent camera to use mainly in macro for taking pictures of my 1/24-1/8 scale model cars...... So I need a camera with a good macro mode. Now, A buddy of mine swears by the Nikon 990/995.... Its an older camera by the looks of it, and I looked on ebay and they were going around 30-50 dollars.... They seem to take good good quality photos link here-

    Now so basically my question is this: Would the Nikon 990 be a decent camera for taking macro shots in? Especially like the ones provided in the link?

    And it seems the camera isnt digital, so how do I go about putting the photos onto my computer?

    Thanks for all the help,

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    Are you taking pictures of the small parts inside the car? (sorry, the link you provided need registration) Or you are talking about taking pictures of the whole car?

    Model car of the size of 1/24 to 1/8 is not that small. If you are taking image of the entire car, I do not think you need macro. As far as camera goes, any cameras that can take decent picture should do the job unless you have some specific need that regular camera cannot do.

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