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    Hello, I just joined the forum.

    My current camera is a Fujifilm S6500/6000FD. I have no clue when it comes to taking pictures/camera settings/PS.

    I have many questions for yall.

    What camera setting should I be using not for a specific picture , just in general ?

    I have like 15 Modes to take pictures in what mode is for what enviorment ?

    I always pictures on AUTO , and I never switch modes (I am a total Noob! sorry) ?

    Whats CCD/ISO/Shutter all that and please give me some guides to read so I can improve my pictures !

    Thanks , Everyone.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your camera's manual should have a description of the different modes and when to use them.

    There are really only three things that control the exposure of a photo. The shutter speed, the aperture of the lens and the sensitivity of the film/digital sensor. All those modes do, is give a bias to a specific setting. For example, the sports setting might give a bias toward a faster shutter speed.

    If you have a good understanding of how shutter speed & aperture & ISO wouldn't really need those modes. Just the basic modes like aperture priority, shutter priority and manual etc.

    I'd suggest reading up on those terms and also going through your user manual to see how you can control those settings.

    Many people recommend the book 'Understanding Exposure'.

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