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Feb 25, 2009
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:grumpy: im so frustrated!!! how do i use raw files when printing> i cant open them. and what does standard and fine files stand for on my sony a350? JPEG WILL NOT WORK WITH THE SIZE PRINTING I WANT>
Raw files must be converted to Tiff or Jpeg before printing.

Standard and Fine pertain to the level of compression(quality) applied to the conversion (raw to jpeg).]

What do you mean JPG will not work with the file size you are trying to print?
Maybe converting them into 16-bit TIFF files will help you get a new (now IMAGE)-file that's large enough for the size of print you're thinking of. RAW as such is just data, not yet an image, which is why you can't print a RAW file.

If it's going to be a wall poster, you might have to work with a medium format camera to begin with?
There's nothing wrong with the file. You just need the right software to open it.

Try installing the software your camera came with. Then try printing it from that software.

Standard and Fine are just referring to the level of compression of your jpeg file. Fine usually means the least amount of compression hence larger file size. Standard has a bit more compression and results in a smaller file size.

What size print do you want?
sorry just got ur message. well i figured out how to change a raw file to jpeg for printing. i want 8x10 or bigger and with good quality. so for portraits should i use raw file? it takes up so much space. im just all around confused on the settings i should use for portraits with my sony a350. it seems that something doesnt come out right. i have a studio lighting equipment and cannon pixma pro 9000. now im just trying to figure out my camera.sounds pretty lame but its tough work.

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