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Dec 2, 2011
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Puyallup, Wa
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2 SB700s.......... Check
2 Umbrellas/stands (cheapo stuff).......Check
D300 out of action (possible Shutter issues)

I'm ready to start playing with lighting. I have a pair of wireless triggers but I'm kinda thinking I can just do remote flash with the D40's popup?

Anywho, can any one turn me onto a training site that shows you how to setup/position your lights and subjects to achieve different affects?

I know I dont have the best stuff right now but I kinda just want to get moving.

I have a "nifty 50" which wont auto focus but shouldnt be an issue as I'd set up on a tripod. I guess I just need some assignments and guidance.

I don't think the D40x pop-up will trigger the strobes - the original D40 doesn't. You may need the SU-800 command unit for that.
Have you looked at The Strobist ( It's a decent beginner's lighting site, especially with off camera flashes.
thanks this looks like what I need. I also just purchased "the Hotshoe Diaries" and think between the 2 sources I should be ok.
Yes, optical slave. I have used by NEX-5N to trigger them when I was playing around a few times
You tube is a great why to learn!! Iv been shooting for 6 years and I'm all self taught!

If u really want to do it !
You Will learn!
So here is an update:

First of all please forgive my lack of activity on the forums as my family and I recently moved back to the states from Spain.

So here is the marginal progress I have made in my photography. I'm still having problems with my lighting.

SciFi-042.jpg by SixShotEspresso, on Flickr


SciFi-068.jpg by SixShotEspresso, on Flickr


Mia_ light2-020.jpg by SixShotEspresso, on Flickr


Nude_light1-033.jpg by SixShotEspresso, on Flickr

Mia_ light2-045.jpg by SixShotEspresso, on Flickr
Contact some other local photographers and see if they can't show you a thing or two. That's one of the best ways to learn.
will try to, I'm new to this area. Fam and I moved here 4 months ago.

I just picked up a SB910 so this should help.

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