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Mar 9, 2012
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Just purchased a Canon 5D Mark ii. I am a beginner, so I have NO idea what I am doing! I've noticed delays when trying to snap shots. Is this something that I can fix? I also need help with settings... PLEASE help! :)
Without going into why you bought a 5D MKII as a beginner, put the camera in AV mode, put the aperature at F/4, adjust the ISO to 400 and go outside and take a couple of nice shots so you feel good about your purchase.

Then go back inside and read your manual from cover to cover....twice.
Ingerson pretty much hit. We're definitely not trying to crush your beginner excitement but a little bit of reading on the fundamentals will go a long way. The forum works a little better if you come to us with a specific question. Include these things: Mode setting, White Balance, Shutter, Apeture, Subject and setting. Those are great things that help people help you a lot better. If your not quite sure what some of those things are and you want to know what they are then I would start there.

Hang in there. It's a process of learning. Just trying to give a little insight cause if you post a bunch of vague "tell me how to do it" posts, you'll probably be ripped to shreds. People aren't being mean but we just need a little more info.;)
Great! The manual is great place to learn what everything is on the camera and what it does. Then take your pick of Youtube or a google search for "DSLR basics" or "Camera basics". Those will be more hands-on "what" and "why". You may think it's fun right now. But once you learn the "what" and "why" of the camera, it gets even better!

Adorama has a pretty extensive video channel on Youtube. Here's a couple:

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 13: White Balance: Adorama Photography TV - YouTube

The delay could be from the cam being set in a "Timer" mode. If it's delaying 2 secs or more, that's probably what it is.
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Have a read of the links in my signature. They'll give you a foundation on the basics of photography and exposure.

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