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Jan 9, 2006
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I took this snap of my youngest daughter, could not have set it up deliberatley unless I had a vander graff machine to hand. I am looking to do one of two things, either remove the background and change it to B&W, or indeed am open to other suggestions that you might have. There are three pictures in total each of one of the kids pulling faces, the idea was to present as a set with borders etc...

Thanks for looking and any advice you can give!




Allan the noob.
Hello I'm a n00b here too :)

What you want to do is going to be quite difficult because of the fact that there is hair present over top part of the background. That makes any type of masking/selection almost impossible, or if you do have the patience to do it, I'd imagine that it would stand out and look bad when you manipulate the background and not the hair over it which in most photos, lacks a sharp, definititve border. Even using things like Photoshop's magic wand would present similar problems, and selections based on color would cause issues when you select the red in the BG because of the high red content of parts of your duaghters face.

I've used Photoshop for quite some time, but I'm not an expert, so maybe someone else can offer you some advice, but I personally don't see any real way to work with the background seperately from the foreground.

If you want to try to make her stand out more against the colorful background, maybe check out optikVerve Labs "Virtual PHotographer" plug-in for Photoshop and see if some of it's presets make her stand out more (which is probably your goal?)

Thanks for the feedback, here is what I ended up with.... Not portrait standards, but we had some fun taking them...

Thanks for looking.




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