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Sep 8, 2010
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So basically my girlfriend is a make-up artist who wants to show her work and build a portfolio. She'll be doing the make-up while of course I'll be doing the photography.

We have picked about 5 models and I also have a hair stylist who will be helping out. In terms of background I'm trying to avoid using a studio look. I want to be more creative and possibly go with urban backgrounds or possibly a mixture of both.

I'm looking to take my photography to a new level with input from everyone. Any ideas or tips of how I should be composing these shots or best backgrounds and poses for this situation? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
If the photos are about the models, the hair or the make-up, then I'd suggest looking for background that are the least distracting...or get in close enough that the background is only a minor part of the image.

You could shoot anywhere, but lighting should be your primary concern. So if you are able to set up lighting anywhere, then your options are endless...but if you are planing to work with ambient light, then I'd limit your shooting to only areas that have have good light for the hair/make-up.
Id do some headshot/beauty shots on a seemless background or plain wall.......with a NICE lightning.
Interesting. I agree the minimalist background sounds like the best idea- if you're showing off the makeup, it is almost like a still-life or product shot- the product should stand out.

However, just to give you an alternative (and maybe create shots that your wife, you, AND the model can all use in a portfolio), why not just go for a complementary background?

As an extreme example- if your wife did a dark, "goth" style of makeup on a model, you wouldn't want beaches, sunshine, or flowers in the background- you'd go more for a dark, city, back-alley type of background.

Just a thought.
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Thanks everyone for your input.... I think I'm going to do a mixture of backgrounds. From white seamless, to urban decay which all depends on the make-up like Penguin suggest.

I think I'm going to be using ambient as well as flash. I only have one ocf so I have to make it work somehow.

Lol or I could just continue looking on the internet at beauty shots as I've already been doing!

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of you guys input

I guess my next question would have to be finding a way to best use my flash with ambient.

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