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Apr 14, 2009
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Kalispell, MT
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I'm new so here are some of my favorite shots to give you an idea of what I like to shoot

This one I recently entered in a contest. My teacher is fairly confident that it will win but there are a lot of awesome photos there so we'll see.


It took forever to get this shot, I had to wait for about an hour on the side of the road for the moon to come out from behing the clouds. Then when it did it would either wash out the rest of the picture or not get the clouds in the shot because I had to under expose it. I finally got lucky though. The moon came out, I snapped the picture and about 2 seconds later a really dark cloud went in front of it so I still have a defined moon and also clouds and mountain. I just wish I could have had a little depth to the picture instead of just the outline of the mountains. I would appreciate some CC on this picture.

Nice series!! The first one especially appeals to that bit of moon up in the sky.
Good stuff Reece Man. All good, but agree with Anty, that the first one is my favorite as well.

Why Oregon soon? Going from dry to damp, but still you should be able to get some great shots in the PNW.
very nice
the first 2 are my favorite

i love the first one - the empty space is very appealing
Thanks for the compliments guys, everyone I know seems to favor the first shot.

I'm moving because I'm tired of the sun, heat and pollution. Wet doesn't bother me, if you lived in Arizona you would probably love the rain and clouds too haha.
I'm going to the art show that I submitted the top one to tonight so I'll let you guys know how it placed.
Didn't win. Not a big deal but I honestly think that mine was the best there. Most were out of focus and/or improperly exposed. Oh well, ain't no thang. Some really cool art though, lots of ceramic and painting. It was basically a show of highschool student art so it wasn't anything seriously spectacular but it was enjoyable to go and see what other people my age created.

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