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Dec 31, 2006
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Nrthn Calif
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This is Simba, as i was fooling around with the camera outside.

I love it and your cat is beautiful but I would have kept the fence in the background straight and not tilting because it makes the photo dynamic. There is really nothing moving in this photo. So it should have been striaght. The post beside the head is a good idea because it keeps the viewer's eye right near the cats face.

Those bright blue eyes really stand out. The other thing I like is the colours that you captured. The colours in the background relate to the cat, like the brown with the fence goes with his paws, the white building goes with his fur. The stripes and different shades of gray on his face again go with the fence and post.

Beautiful composition
the fence is crooked cause it is, i am striaght as an arrow, unlike most ppl i don't look at the back drop all the time, i consintrate on the subject, i point and shoot and forget the rest, i hope to improve my skill and besides, Simba didn't mind.

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