Here's a few of my favs... What do y'all think?


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Jun 4, 2006
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I just bought a nicl little point and click camera (it's all I could afford) and there's a few shots I like... tell me what you think, and how to get the most out of my camera:

1. "Reflections of Firenza"

2. "Abstract in Blue"

3. "Life at the Line" (taken last night in my bedroom with a strobelight and 2 model cars)

4. "Eclipse of an Eclipse"

Tell me what you think.
P.S. It's so much fun to name pictures!
Duck, be patient. The forum is a bit quiet these days...
My favourite definitely is "Life at the Line". That one I find quite creatively done with the light used and the shallow DOF.

I gather your "point-and-click" is a digital "point-and-click"?
These photo are pretty good considering the kind of camera.

I can't help thinking that for these kind of shots your money might have been better spent buying an old SLR, although if you also use it at parties and gigs etc I can see why a point and click would be a better choice. Nice photos though, the car one is a pretty kl idea, certainly not somethign I would have thought of.
Yeah, it's not really my camera... It's more of a family camera that I use more than everyone else.
Good point, I was wondering what was missing from that shot cus it seems like it should be reall good yet it wasn't doing anything for me.

Yeah you should go there again when theres a nice sunset lighting up the sky and reflecting in the water. I'm assuming you live there or was it a holiday snap?
Sorry folks, once-in-a-lifetime deal... It's just when my tour group was there...

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