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Aug 22, 2008
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Central Virginia
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I think this is a Great Blue Heron. I took this on Assateague Island NWR last year.

Eric, that out of focus branch really hurts the overall effectiveness of the picture. It's very distracting. My eyes just keep on trying to focus on it and not the bird. I know it can be a pain in the butt at times to deal with brush, twigs, leaves, etc.
Love the Great Blue Heron,one of my favorite birds to photograph. lovely shot. But really don't like the out of focus branches in front of him,the eyes are drawn right to them.
Thanks for the comments. I realized those branches were in the way when I reviewed the image on the camera. I tried to move a little bit to the right to get him again and must have spooked him because he took off. So I got what I got.
Absolutely. I have taken so many same shots just because he's their and I couldn't get the shot any other way. Those darn branches always seem to get us. Tried taking them out but it just doesn't seem to work to our perfection enough that we like the photo afterwards.

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