hes called bert


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Aug 19, 2007
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c/c please

what on Earth is that?

I can't even ID it in my books!!
dont know it swims with the swans and ducks on my lake

hes cute/ugly
looks possible do you like the pic
I'd like to see a crop of its head to see the detail.

but I'm glad you got low down to take the photo, nothing worst in my mind than a photo of wildlife where your looking down on something.

The exposure is pretty good, even better than some of my attempts of black neck swans, why the need for black and white animals? :lol: its a pain in the metering!
Hey.. I know his cousin! :wink:


Mmmmm might have find some of those

anyone know if there are any in the UK?
Mmmmm might have find some of those

anyone know if there are any in the UK?

Sounds like they were imported over there from reading on the link that was posted above..

Muscovies had been domesticated by various Native American cultures in the New World when Columbus arrived. A few Muscovys were first brought to Europe by the European explorers at least by the 1500s. The Muscovy Company, also called the Muscovite Company, began shipping the ducks to Europe sometime after 1550. It is believed that the ducks came to be interchangeably called Muscovite ducks or Muscovy ducks in keeping with the common practice of attaching the importer's name to the products they sold. Over the years, Muscovy became more colloquial than Muscovite.[2] In certain sections of England the name "Barbary" duck is most common. In certain circles the name Barbary duck refers to the butchered carcass while Muscovy duck refers to the live animal.
yes they are in england mine were taken in the english rivera
Muscovy Duck Cairina moschata (E*)

Seven localities in three counties: one pair probably bred.

GREATER MANCHESTER A territory-holding pair was reported from the Huddersfield Canal, Mossley.

SUFFOLK Numbers at Oulton Broad increased through the year, from 12 in January to 29 in September and 31 in December, suggesting that successful breeding took place, though no reports of broods were received.

SURREY One pair probably bred at Langshott, Hurley, while
other pairs were present at Barnes, Clapham Common, Ewell Wood Lake and Kew Gardens.

A disappointing year, with many fewer records than in either 1997 or 1998. We do urge observers to report this species, which is not just a farmyard duck.


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