hey guys i need some help...any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Jan 28, 2009
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Harrison, OHio
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I recently got some money for various jobs and things, And im looking to buy another camera. Im into the counter-culture such as LGBT, underground car racing, and raves and partys. I do shoot some action such as snowboarding and collegiate wrestling (it used to be highschool wrestling but my brother has got a full ride scholarship to nc state), I have used several canons and loved them, although they were loaners and have only one canon lense. i have abot 450$ myself but my mom might add up too another 400$. so a possible budget of 950$. Oh, and im kind of wanting to stick to the main stream canon and nikon but if you have a suggestion then shoot im open to anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :sexywink:
Which Canon lens do you have already?

Really, any SLR that Canon or Nikon make would probably be more than enough to get you started.

If you already have one Canon lens, $950 could get you a body and another decent lens...

btw- What is LGBT?
I don't have any problem with it - I've just never seen that term before.

Anyway- If the Canon lens you already have is any good it may be worth sticking with Canon. If it's just a kit lens, I wouldn't consider it a decision maker.

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