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Jan 6, 2008
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Hi all,

I'm contemplating making my first purchase of a camera and would like to ask if you could give my intended purchase the once over - pros and cons. I'm a real novice on a budget and don't want to go buying something that's not what I need.

I like taking action shots of my family (on holiday, playing sports etc), landscapes and close up pics of natural objects, flowers insects etc.

The camera is a Fuji Finepix s5700.

BTW great site, I've already picked up a few tips just browsing!! Excellent.:D

I wouldn't trust that website, I just compared my camera (D40) to a Canon EOS 400D and alot of the info was incorrect.
dpreview.com, my friend.
But the camera shouldn't be that bad. What's the budget?
Sorry, only posted that link for the tech specs. My budget is about £200 / $350 (?).
Checked out dpreview.com and it has some good user reviews...no strong negative comments either, Thanks for the pointers. I'll upload a couple of pics I took on another camera and you can let me know if I should continue with a purchase or not lol...
Interested in your thoughts - I know the pics aren't of a good quality but compisition etc...




No. 1 could stand some cropping toward the bottom, the rest are good.

Have fun!
Cheers Iron Flatline. Appreciated.

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