Hi everyone! Need help with 24-70 canon L ii USM 2.8


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Jan 17, 2016
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HI, i recently bought a new 24-70 L ii USM f/2.8, i used to have the same one but got stolen, thats why i replaced it. The problem is that it feels like this one doesnt have as much light as the other one. I have to put the ISO quite high even in 2.8 aperture to get the shot, and the grain is quite bad. That didnt happen to me with the prior one i had. I need some advice about this, is there something Im not doing? I really appreciate the help, since it was a very expensive lens I choose to buy....again. Thank you very much!
Welcome to TPF! I was going to move this thread over to the Canon forum for you, but I see that you repeated this thread over there already.

So I will just welcome you to the forum, and hope you get useful answers to your questions - keep posting and have fun!
Have you checked your shutter speed?

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