hi im new to photography


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Dec 28, 2007
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Lacey, WA
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hi, im new
just saying hi
i loved photography for a while now , I just recently decide to be active with it!

heres something i just threw together! (Sorry for crappy borders)

Your border is fine. Anything other than a plain border just gets annoying. Nice colour...
I like the composition of your shot, Mainly the angles in the fence and the way that the building enters the frame.

Oh and welcome to the forum, Its a great place. Enjoy!
try to start carrying your camera everywhere you go... Sometimes the most random enviroment can be the coolest..

This is a good shot.. but composition wise, it looks like something anybody could take while standing on their porch.
haha, thanks for all the critism! but i will be working on this every day i get a chance im getting my tri-pod tomorrow and go get some shots!
Hi edtek, welcome to ThePhotoForum.
As you can see, I moved your thread out of The Beginners' Place into the General Gallery, since The Beginners' Place is more of a Q&A-forum, while the galleries are ... well ... just that: GALLERIES.

Open to every member, young, old, new, longstanding, just everyone. OK?

And I would love to see a close up on the pattern of that scaffolding. That looks like you can create some nice abstracts from it, or photos that play with the lines and forms created by that scaffolding.

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