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May 2, 2009
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Hi everyone. :)

I finally decided to sign up after reading the forum for a couple of days.
Guess you could say I am a hobby photographer looking to go further with it. Always had an interest in photography and only now doing something about it.

I own a Nikon D50 and I'm slowly learning everything there is to know about it....still learning though! I have had the chance to do a few weddings at extreme discount prices since, of course I'm not a professional. I have also took a dip in real estate photography(obeo).
I am hoping to further my learning and eventually get into digital portrait photography.

My question is if anyone knows of a good online photography school? I had previously been enrolled with NYIP(good school) but had a hard time trying to send in work, and would prefer an all online school. I had tried another online school but felt there wasn't enough guidance. The forums only had a few people enrolled within them and it just felt dead. Once the fee was paid they sent you to a site to download a e-book and let you go and that was it.

I saw proud photography advertised on this site, has anyone enrolled with them? My toss up now is with that or with the art institutes online programs. Any reviews on these 2 would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone. :)
hi and welcome!
Welcome! Great to see you here.

I wish I could help with the school Q, but I am not familiar with any. You should share some of your wedding photography. I am kind of a wannabe wedding photographer myself (but still a newb).

Oh, well, see you around Im sure.
Like I said I am not a professional and friends have asked me to shoot their weddings. I do okay, as in I guess they don't totally suck since she enjoyed mine more than another photographer that her mom had hired and charged her around $250-300 for. Honestly the woman wasn't the greatest but I can't bash her because she is doing more than me! lol

I have a few on my flickr site Flickr: Sarahdawn79's Photostream

Those are only a few, the most recent that she wanted printed out. I have more on cd's as soon as I dig them out I can put them on flickr.
They've been shuffled here lately with the moves I have made, I feel like the wandering gnome.

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