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May 1, 2009
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Hello TPF people,

In two words, im not a photographer, but i really love to use photoshop.

Its a pleasure to be here!

Welcome!!! I think once you see all the pictures you will be interested in taking photos.
Thanks for a welcome, Dolphin! :)

In fact, i have camera, and do shots sometimes, i just do not treat myself as photographer as i do it very seldom myself (shame on me) ...
...and still have that complex to go with camera in a crowd...

I like a lot to edit them.

And my favorite field - night shoots.
Welcome! That's great that you love photoshop! I'm a complete beginner with it so if you have any tips on where to go online or what books to read up on that'd be great!
Sure, Docphotog :)

I suggest you to check lynda.com website for video tutorials.
They have really great tutorials with famous tutors and have lots of material.

I think it is the best place.

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