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Sep 13, 2013
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I was looking throuh some images I took back in September and came across this one - it's kind of boring, but I noticed a hidden gem in the background which meant I had to post this in the "just for fun" section.


I'm guessing the "hidden gem" is the face that pops out of the corner of the 2 x4's? :)

In either case, I actually don't feel this shot is really boring at all. I might have framed it or cropped it a bit differently, or at the very least took a bit of the space off the right side of the image, but as an image, I do think it creates a sense of interest....it makes the viewer wonder what's in the boxes and the eternal question of "what's happening here?"...for myself at least, it makes me want to look at the image to see if I can figure out what the story is behind it.

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