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Aug 11, 2007
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Eugene, Oregon
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I was driving around today and saw a great scene but didn't have my camera with me. I usually don't like to leave my SLR sitting in my truck while I do my rounds. Which got me thinking of how great a really high end P&S would be. Something with the same technology as a SLR but with only one lens. So are there any P&S with SLR type sensors? If no then why not? I'm thinking of a P&S with Leica like quality but small and unobtrusive. A great street camera of backup.
As far as I know...there are a couple P&S style cameras with DSLR sized sensors. The first one was the Sony R1...although it's not really that small of a camera.

Leica has the M8, which is basically the evolution of their legendary M series...but (in true Leica tradition) it cost more than a small car.

There are plenty of P&S style cameras that are actually quite good...but they do have limitations. The Canon G series (currently the G9) comes to mind,
a friend has the Ricoh Caplio 7mp I think it has and seems to produce very good quality images...or as Big Mike says the G9 and it has a lot of admirers.
I recently helped a friend with similar requirements... G9 is very impressive. On a budget??... look for a good G6 (skip the G7.. no raw).

M8 is definitely not the way to go unless that a rangefinder is what you truely want/need.

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