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Aug 12, 2010
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Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hello all,

I was looking through some online photography contests and many of them require you to send them however so many photos in high resolution. I not too familiar with this process and I was wondering what you guys thought. Is it industry standard for thousands on entries photographs to be high resolution? thanks for the reply
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Most "photo contests" today are little more than rights grabs....you enter a photo...and by doing so you forfeit basically ALL USAGE rights to the contest sponsors...you will still "own" the photo in one sense, but you will have no control over how they decide to use it...that's all in the medium-fine print in the vast majority of modern photo contests. The sponsors want high-resolution images so they can sell the use of them, and basically steal work for nothing more than a dangled prize or two. Read the rules...this is almost always the way these scams work these days.
Yes - what Derrell said. Read the terms & conditions very carefully.

Even if you don't win, you may still be giving them rights to the photo ... to do with as they please.
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