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"50 Greatest Cameras of All Time"

Haven't read through the whole thing but they seem to be missing the point...

* Minolta 7000. The first integrated 35mm AF and motor advanced SLR
* Leica M3 is missing off the list which had far more impact than the M4
* (mentioned in the comment section) the Spotmatic.
* They didn't list the Minolta 7000 but they listed the Pentax ME-F which was prior to the 7000 but an utter failure.

From the digital side of things

* They didn't list a single G-series Canon which for years was the only single choice in a high-end P&S. That market practically died off and only recently has started to return. THe G-series was the only one that consistently showed presence. IIRC, they are on the 9th generation.
I have 4 of them so far (24, 21, 9, 1), with a few of the others on my "watch for" list.
Not a bad list, though dont agree compleatly with it. I agree with Usayit that the Minolta 7000 should of made the list with easy instead we have cameras like Sony a900. I mean C'mon, that camera has no reason to be anywhere on a top 500 list let alone top 50. I may of missed it but did not see the Canon AE-1 program which was and still is a much loved camera. I glad to see Polaroid SX70 to make the list but there could easily be a few more from them on this list so overall im 50/50 on it

I could understand the Canon 5D ("affordable full frame" + high ISO capabilities)
Maybe.... just maybe... Canon 5D MII (video capabilities)
but the 7D as well? B.S. It might be a good camera but 1) its new and this is an "all time list" 2) nothing really sets it apart as "an all time greatest". All the description really says is that it is lower priced compared to the 5D MII. Big deal.

Another that bugs me...

Olympus E-P1.... It wasn't the first at anything and really not the greatest. The Panasonic G1 was arguably superior AND sported probably the first successful implementation of a usable EVF. The G1 was also the first. E-P1 was short lived and replaced by the E-P2 for good reason. The description basically said it looks pretty and it is retro.

I'm on the fence with this thought.. but I was also thinking the Epson R-D1. It melded "old" and "new" (and quirky). It was the first digital rangefinder.

They listed the M9 but they couldn't seem to describe why....
They probably wanted to make sure they fit every prosumer & pro camera from Canon & Nikon on that list so that they didn't lose any advertising.
They probably wanted to make sure they fit every prosumer & pro camera from Canon & Nikon on that list so that they didn't lose any advertising.

Of course. These lists are meaningless. They take about an hour or 2 to produce while 4 guys sit around and say "I'll put this camera at #23 and you put my camera at #35." I've heard ex journalists discuss making these top ## lists before.
No Alpa? No Contarex? No Nikkormat? No Canon AE-1?

Hilarious list....
I thought those Polaroid instant camera like SX-70 or 600 will make it to the list together with Holga (or Dana). But now only Holga.
That's a good list. Glad to see that my Nikon and Canon both made it to that list.
Good because the 50 best cameras of all time are on it, or good because two cameras you own are on it?

Not really sure who made this list or why, but there seems to be a few cameras missing that I think ought to be on the 'top 50'...

Numerous typos too... "9 Nikon FIntroduced in 1959 and an instant classic, the Nikon F", just one example - almost every 'place' had one...

Poorly written/edited article...

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