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High Speed SD Card?

Sherman Banks

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Feb 24, 2009
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Rain City
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Is there an in-camera advantage to having a high speed card? I have a Nikon D60 and it would be great to reduce the buffer time if possible. I don't really care about the write speed to my computer and if that's the only advantage, then I'll probably stick with the standard cards.

Yes there is it will write faster to clear the buffer faster. For my D80 I use the Sandisk Extreme III which I have been happy with. I have used the Ultra IIs but they seems slower to me on both ends, especially when uploading to the computer.
Unless you are using something with a super fast processor like a 1DS mark 3, than don't waste you money. Your camera writes at a puney 17.5 megabytes a second.
No offense! haha.
Thanks for the advice. There is a SanDisk 4gb high speed card at Office Depot right now for 14.99. Even if it doesn't improve the speed, it's not a bad deal for the size.
I just bought a second 8gig Ultra II card for my D60. on sale at best buy for 25 bucks.
didn't see that much speed increase over my transcend 8gig.

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