Himself, a cat named Tabatha.

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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In the country 60km north of Toronto, Canada
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This feral cat has been hanging around here since last fall & we have fed it through the winter. It finds security hiding below the boughs of a Spruce tree near our carport.


Oly 40-150.
"As the herd of zebra loiter at the water-hole, the king of the jungle creeps silently closer... danger is everywhere, but he will eat tonight!"

Nicely captured Ron!
he looks well fed! lol
he looks well fed! lol

I can tell you that he has learned to like spicy food no other cat would touch.

It was an immature cat when it starting hanging about & never was seen with the tail up & being respectful of the modesty we assumed it was a girl & named it Tabatha. However, one day, running after some food my wife tossed out, the tail came up & now it is Tab for short.
It's a male cat, named Tabatha (ya I saw the explanation) in the grass under a tree aaaannndd I kinda really like it. Who knew?

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