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Jan 2, 2008
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Wyoming, USA
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Howdy all,

New kid here, looks like a nice place y'all have. I'm an amateur enthusiast and dogs are one of my favourite subjects.

I'd like to introduce Gizmo, the Rott/Lab/Border Collie. She's a regular victim of my amateur photographic ventures. In this recent capture, Gizmo is reacting to an apparently interesting sound in the woods just behind her. The image sorta struck my funny bone and I thought I'd share it by way of introduction.

Comments are always welcome.

Thank you.

Her eyes really draw my attention.
Heya Holmes, welcome to ThePhotoForum :D

Nice first photo to share with us.
One of those "just in the right moment" photos, and like her eyes were drawn to wherever that sound might have come from, our eyes are drawn to her eyes! Well done!

Do post more!
Howdy LaFoto, thanks for the kind words and warm welcome.

And I must say I have never seen anyone with as many posts as you have under your belt! Given the traffic here and the size of this site, you and the rest of the moderators must really put in the time and effort. My congratulations to you and all the others involved. You've built a nice cyber spot here and I look forward to future visits.

Take care.

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