"His name is Kiiiiidddd...


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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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Well... just kid.

I was cleaning out my work truck tonight and some neighborhood kids popped by to hang out. I grabbed my camera and shot Austin (across the street kid).

It reminded me of the "Kid Rock" thing <dating myself here>.




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Very nice candid, and I'm very happy to say I don't see the "Kid Rock" thing at all. For one, this is a good looking young man.
The Kid Rock thing was because of a flag draped background.
Oh!... In that case it's a Bruce Springsteen thing for me. ;)
i gotta go with the springsteen thing as well............the kid rock thing made me think he was trying to steal some stuff outta your van
I like the photo DP. The eyes are verygood but I think it's the expression which keeps me wondering. ron
A valiant attempt but I'm gonna have to say no on this one. You missed the focus on the eyes, plain and simple. You can USM and contrast bump all day long but they just won't be sharp enough-- and in a shot like this, 90% of the shot is the eyes. Better luck next time.

I could barely see his eyes because of his hair! =o)
Here's another shot of him. The strong vignette is masking the ring from the ring flash on the camera. I like the in camera crop, so I didn't fuss with it.


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I thought I'd put up another one.

I was building a lightbox frame in the driveway Friday and that's when the kids came around. So I hijacked my kids to do some test shots of a flag background and a ring light (which is another little project I'm working on). I hung a flag from the back of my work van (which is an old box truck ala Ryder moving truck) and shot these. The trouble is that I shot these outside in daylight so the ring light really didn't work.


(please don't C&C these... they're tests. btw, my oldest is doing her "mid-west" gang sign. (it's a long story) lol )

$girls flag test.jpg

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