HITI P525L and Lastolite Hilite 7x8


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Apr 28, 2010
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Would like to sell the Lastolite HiLite for $600 - practically brand new
HiTi P525L $350 - brand new in box and never opened
1000 sheets for HiTi $75 - brand new in box and never opened
Offers Welcome

First item for sale is a Lastolite HiLite that is 7x8 and is practically brand new. I purchased this from Adorama 9/4/2017 for $729.99 intending to use this for an event. The plan was to use this to take high key photos and print them on the spot for the guest. Due to changes for the event, I will no longer need this. I took the item out of the package to make sure that I knew how to set it up and fold it back into it's pouch and that was it. I did not use it to take pictures and it has not been used for any event.

Second item is HiTi P525L Compact Dye Sub Photo Printer. I purchased this on the same Adorama order on 9/4/2017 for $420.99 + $119 for 4x6 media (1000 sheets (2 500 sheet rolls). Both are brand new in the box and have not been opened.


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