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Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
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I need to get some yongnuo wireless transmitters for a shoot next week but I can't wait for two weeks shipping. I know so many cellphone stores in mainstreet flushing that have cheap hong kong gear. Does anyone know where I can get yongnuo IN THiS COUNTRY?
I think some of the ebay sellers of yongnuo sell from the US, you'll pay more though for shipping to get it sooner. Contact them before to see if they actually have the product or if they order it from them, wait a few weeks, then ship it to you.
yeah. i need like in a week... ill look around..
do you know any non ebay stores? just regular online stores in this country that might have them?
I haven't found yongnuo products in any store or online besides ebay, but after a google shopping search, there are TWO stores that carry them. One says 7-15 days shipping AFTER "up to 7 days" to process. The other didn't say, but I'm guessing it'll be the same.
call Flash Zebra (or should I say email them), they sell it and you could likely get it shipped overnight.
edit: scratch that, they sell yougnuo but I don't see the transmitters. sorry.
How about this set?

Cactus V4 Radio Slave Set

I believe the YN or any other ones are the knock offs of Cactus triggers. And MPEX is the distributor for Cactus triggers in US.

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